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What is GangRabbit?

GangsRabbit is a metaverse brand project that is based on a collection of NFTs. It is a collection of 7777 Gangs — unique avatars hosted on the Binance Smart Chain network. Your Gangster grants you access to a community comprised of 50 gangs, each one representing distinct characteristics. Every gang houses individuals who dare to be different and strive to make their presence known — to imagine and innovate together. Gangs Rabbit: Evolution is a culmination of The Duang’s decades worth of expertise in creating art in his distinct style. Part of our dream is to provide holders with avatars they resonate with — whether it be for the art or as metaverse identities for years to come. With our deep trait pool, we’re confident that there’s a Gangster for everyone.
The GangsRabbit Ecosystem comprises of useful utility that will ensure the growth of the project in the right direction, while giving affordability power to the community members through cheap taxation system and the cheap gas fees of the Binance Smart Chain network.
With the connecting utilities that are designed to work relatively, to give passive income to holders of the available assets, community members can be rest assured of earning quality profit in the GangsRabbit project and also have fun while earning.
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